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Photo Booths

Rotating Memories is located in Lake Norman and offers the ultimate photo booth experience, providing a fun and unique way to capture your special moments. Our booths come fully equipped with the latest technology, offering  prints and custom templates to make your memories truly unforgettable.

RM 360 Video Spin Booth

The Popular Experience

We’re excited to deliver an Elite 360 Video Spin booth Experience for Private Events, Promotional Events, Corporate Branding, Real Estate and Fashion Industries! This popular booth allows guest to step on a platform, while a 4K GoPro camera spin creating the most clear, crisp, and cinema quality videos for quick sharing. Guests will receive their video immediately via text, airdrop, email, or by simply scanning QR Code for quick sharing on social media.  Choose our Small 360 that holds up to  3 people or our Large 360 that holds  4-5 people. 

360 Video Spin Booth

Digital Touch Selfie Booth

The Affordable Experience

The Digital Touch Selfie Photo booth stands about 5 feet high.  This Photobooth is crazy fun. The colorful LED’s in the ring light acts as an “Attact Mode”. It can capture Animated GIFs, single images, Boomerang images, and Burst images – it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. It’s excellent for photo sharing between social media and smart devices. 

Touch Digital Selfie Booth

RM Roamer 

The Budget Friendly Experience

The Roamer is a mobile digital booth that can go anywhere the action is.  It can be "in" the party and "on" the dancefloor.  Its studio grade LED beauty ring that brings the perfect light wherever it goes.  It’s great for roaming throughout weddings and large celebrations catching all your guests in action having fun. This Roamer can be added to packages too!

High Technology RM Roamer

Vogue Photo Booth

Celebrity  Experience

As seen at high profile celebrity events, the Vogue Photo Booth features a fun 3D backdrop that guests can pose inside of. The walls of the enclosure are lined with LED lighting effects that are customizable and will create a dynamic environment for all to enjoy. 


Capture stills or animated gifs – or both! Packed with optional social media sharing features, you decide how far you want your event content shared. 

Vougue Photo Booth

Digital Drop-Off Photo Booth

The Economical Experience

Our Drop-Off Photo Booth is the perfect photo booth for a small gathering. The setup is simple, clean, and super user-friendly. It is truly unique and perfectly safe for this season. Your guests will enjoy taking photos with this beautifully designed touchless social selfie booth. Book yours today! 

Digital Drop-off Photo Booth for Parties

PartyCam Roamer

The Movable Digital Camera

The PartyCam is a unique blend of old and new - It is a digital photo booth designed to be "in" the party, be "on" the dance floor, and be "in" the crowds!. Virtually any Roamer based photobooth gives it the ability to take quality photos, videos and boomerangs, using the high quality PartyCam Roamer.

Roamer Partycam

Audio Guestbook

A Modern Twist 

Our audio guestbook refers to a recording or collection of audio messages left by guests at an event, gathering, or specific location. Similar to a traditional guestbook where individuals can leave written messages, an audio guestbook allows people to record their voices or spoken messages instead. It involve the use of a recording device, such as a microphone or a dedicated digital recording system.

Audio Guestbook for Collection of Audio Messages by Guests

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